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Sympa et prenant

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Experiment Island

Super Spiel mit suchtfaktor



Great game!

Very addicting.


Takes awhile to make money

Pretty fun

It keeps the boredom away

Good game

I like playing is game but wish I had more time to finish the vacations


Love this game it gets addictive

Fun and addictive

Ive been playing this for weeks and Im not bored yet. Always new goals to achieve


Awesome game! Very addicting!


This game can be played on Facebook, phone, or tablet. Since you can link them all, it means no matter where you are, you can play.


Not horrible but impossible to get through all the special islands in time


i love this games!! ❤️❤️

Fun & addictive

Lots of fun to play.

Great game!!!

Very funny

Its fun

It takes too long to do thing but overall an ok game


If you stick to the main quests its fun. If you try to do the "islands" it will cost you. They are run solely so you will spend money.

New updates are disappointing

Ive played this game for a long time and I loved it, but the new updates are disappointing. When there were multiple slots for deliveries I had spent many gems to have as many slots as possible, and now they have been taken away and my gems were not refunded. I also do not like that there are a limited amount of spaces for the chests because I do not want to waste the chests, but I want to obtain the puzzle pieces for the animals. Not great. Also in the newer update, the old archipelagos are gone! 6 months of playing and I was almost finished the 6 archipelagos and getting to the end of the story... And now they changed it and my progress is gone. As well, there are too many things/quests that are timed and you I my have a certain amount of days to complete them. I liked that could leave this game unplayed for a couple days and nothing would happen.

Great game!

Its a great game and keeps you coming back for more. Does take awhile to get things done, unless you want to spend an arm and a leg on gems

Fun but

This game is fun the only down side is it can be really expensive to play, the only way to beat the extra island is to rather buy food or go on every 2 hours.

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