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Island Experiment app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 3248 ratings )
Games Entertainment Adventure Simulation
Developer: NEXTERS LLC
Current version: 5.0282, last update: 13 hours ago
First release : 21 May 2014
App size: 167.9 Mb

Welcome to Island Experiment — one of the most exciting games ever! Your adventure starts right now! This story won’t leave you cold! A thrilling quest through a mysterious island begins from the very first moments of the game! Not only is this game fun and addictive, it is also a matter of survival for two lost kids. Grow and harvest food on your own farm to feed the kids, gather hay, craft equipment and complete exciting quests!

* Help the kids survive on a deserted island
* Explore the island, revealing new objects and places
* Turn a desolate beach into a seaside town
* Receive free gifts
* Discover hidden treasures
* Reveal a huge amount of fascinating quests
* Find an abandoned satellite somewhere on the island
* Explore the mysterious pyramid
* Play with your friends to have more fun!

Pros and cons of Island Experiment app for iPhone and iPad

Island Experiment app good for

I like playing is game but wish I had more time to finish the vacations
Ive been playing this for weeks and Im not bored yet. Always new goals to achieve
This game can be played on Facebook, phone, or tablet. Since you can link them all, it means no matter where you are, you can play.
Its a great game and keeps you coming back for more. Does take awhile to get things done, unless you want to spend an arm and a leg on gems
I find this game very fun and challenging to get all quests done and build and improve island. Way to go! But I do find this (magic) segment frustrating as you are constantly running out of food and potions for calming the animals.
Too many things to collect in a quest to get it all done in the among of time given

Some bad moments

If you stick to the main quests its fun. If you try to do the "islands" it will cost you. They are run solely so you will spend money.
Ive played this game for a long time and I loved it, but the new updates are disappointing. When there were multiple slots for deliveries I had spent many gems to have as many slots as possible, and now they have been taken away and my gems were not refunded. I also do not like that there are a limited amount of spaces for the chests because I do not want to waste the chests, but I want to obtain the puzzle pieces for the animals. Not great. Also in the newer update, the old archipelagos are gone! 6 months of playing and I was almost finished the 6 archipelagos and getting to the end of the story... And now they changed it and my progress is gone. As well, there are too many things/quests that are timed and you I my have a certain amount of days to complete them. I liked that could leave this game unplayed for a couple days and nothing would happen.
This game is fun the only down side is it can be really expensive to play, the only way to beat the extra island is to rather buy food or go on every 2 hours.
This latest version has a big bug and can not connect on multiple devices.
How are you supposed to do these events, when you cant even get on to the game. As soon as I load the game up it crashes, the game is becoming impossible to play, I dont want to delete this game, but it makes me want to smash my iPad every time it crashes, because you guys have so many events at once, making it hard to participate in them. Thank you
I absolutely love this game, but the app sucks. It rarely loads the game to allow me to play, and when it does, I cant really do anything without it crashing on me. NEEDS TO GET FIXED!

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